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Want to know what AmeriPlan® members are saying about the AmeriPlan® program? Here are people who are saving with our Discount Medical Plan Organization!

AmeriPlan® members share their own experiences...

“ I wanted to write and tell you about the wonderful experience I had using Ameriplan Health®. This was my first opportunity to use it. I needed some lab work done and called the number for a lab provider. They transferred me to Medstat-Ameriplan Health® where I was fortunate to talk to a rep named Chris Nall. He explained the process to me in detail. I told him all the tests I needed and he gave me the prices for each one. Without Ameriplan Health® I would have paid $547, with it I only paid $132, a savings of $415!! Not only that but he faxed over all information to the lab, gave me instructions to fast and provided me with a location only a few miles from my house. The whole process went very smoothly. My belief in this product has soared. ”
Amber M. – Plano, TX
 “ My wife was admitted to the hospital for sixteen days. By the time she was discharged she had incurred over $33,000 in bills from six different medical providers. Still unable to return to her job as a dance instructor, she had no way of paying any of the medical providers she was receiving bills from. The Karis Group was able to help her apply for an assistance program that covered the entire $27,000 hospital bill. The Karis Group then contacted the other medical providers that were involved. Several of the other providers agreed to write off the bills entirely. When the Karis Group was done the total outstanding charges were less than $2,300. My wife was set up on a long-term payment plan on the remaining balance. Total saving - over $30,000. ”
Robert H. – Houston, TX
 “ My existing insurance would not cover my annual physical examination nor would it cover any of the necessary lab work. I needed a total of 7 tests for which the cost was going to be $948.00. I forwarded the required tests to Medstat and over the phone they quoted me $297.00. I paid it with my credit card, they faxed me the form I needed to carry to the lab after setting the appointment, my wait was less than 20 minutes! The lab sent the reports to Medstat, they faxed them to me and my doctor and I was thrilled! That was a savings of $651.00! ”
Fred G. – Duncan, SC

“ Because someone has dental insurance does not mean they are fully covered. My boys had just gotten their 2nd cleaning for the year when we found out our 4-year-old had 2 cavities. They asked me to bring him back and my copay would be $24.00 to cover the visit. While drilling they noticed 2 more cavities forming behind the original 2... So, we said go ahead and fix those as well. I'm thinking to myself since it was $24.00 for 2 cavities I'll just have to pay $48.00 total. No biggie! After we are done I went to the front desk to pay and I was given a total of $313.50!!!! Turns out he had exceeded his $500.00 yearly limit on our dental insurance, after his 2nd filled cavity. I asked the front desk to give me a price with my AmeriPlan® card on the 2 cavities not covered. She said they had already given me the discount that the insurance gives AFTER maximum has been met! I asked her to humor me and give me my AmeriPlan® price! So, she did and it turned out I ONLY paid $200.50 vs the $313.50! I saved $113.50 by using our AmeriPlan® card at a Pediatric Dentist that says they only give us a 20% discount! My discount was more than that! ”
Susan G. – Peyton, CO
 “ In 2004, I was quoted 945.00 for a root canal that I desperately needed. My husband was between jobs and I was a full-time mom, so I really could not afford that! I "google-searched" discounted dental plans and found Ameriplan®! I signed up, got my card and went in to my dentist to see what the discount would be! Instead of 945.00, I paid 375.00!!!!! I was thrilled! I wound up needing two more root canals, had some cavities filled and ended up saving 2,200.00 on my dental work in 2004!!! Thank you, Ameriplan®! I now have a great smile with healthy teeth and it didn't break our bank account! Because I experienced first hand how good our benefits are, I joined the company as an IBO and am now a full time mom and ESD with Ameriplan®, who hit the $25,000 Presidents Club this past November! Life is good and we now have additional income as well as affordable health care! ”
Theresa D. – Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
 “ I have really good dental insurance with the military. However, in December of 2006 I went in for a 2nd opinion. I already had 2 dental cleanings for the year. So, I wasn't sure how much the insurance would cover. I made sure to go to a provider that was in-network for my insurance and also an Ameriplan® provider. I was given a brief oral exam and bite-wing x-rays. The bill would have been $90 and my insurance was willing to pay $20 of that. Then, I called the dental office and reminded them that they had my Ameriplan® card on file as well. They took the bill back up to $90, took off the Ameriplan® discount and then my $20 from the insurance and my bill went from $90 to $40. I was THRILLED! Who wants to pay an extra $30 when you can save with Ameriplan®! ”
Laura C. – Bayport, MN

“In the first six months that I had AmeriPlan® I saved $225.00 using the dental benefits and $335.00 on my eye exam and glasses. Within another six months I had also saved another $221.00 on prescriptions.”
Jen S. – Conifer, CO
 “ I went to a Lens Crafters for my eye exam and saved $20.00 on the exam alone. I then purchased some new glasses that are name brand. I am about blind as a bat and need to have my lenses thinned so I don't look like I'm wearing coke bottles! My lenses normally run $240.00 for the lenses ONLY and my new frames normally cost $162.00. My new glasses came out to $402.00 and then I handed them my AmeriPlan® Card through Coast to Coast Vision. She gave me my new total of ONLY $219.00. My frames went from $162.00 down to $96.00 and my lenses went from $240.00 to $123.00. I saved a total of $183.00 on my frames and lenses by using AmeriPlan®. That came out to be a 45% savings on my new glasses. ”
Susan G. – Peyton, CO

“ We have been using our Ameriplan® prescription benefit a lot lately and have been saving a lot! My husband received a prescription from our Dr. that he takes on a monthly basis. We were so pleased when we gave the script to our pharmacist and she said this will be $120.00 but with your discount thru Medco you will only be paying $44.00! A savings of $76 a month. Thank You Ameriplan®!! My daughter went to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned which only was $47.00. She was REALLY smiling big after that!! ”
Tammy R. – Royal Oak, MI
 “ Just received a phone call from my sister about two prescriptions she saved $88.00 on. Both were for her daughter, who has no insurance or medicare. On one prescription my sister has been paying full price for years she was able to save $73.00 and on another new prescription to help my niece stop smoking she saved $15.00(the woman at the Walgreens pharmacy told my sister that insurance companies don't give a discount on this "stop smoking"prescription). Of course my sister said "this isn't insurance". As my sister further comented " I'm sure glad you were persistant in getting your niece on the plan for $19.95 a month", because I've saved so much money on just these two prescriptions I'm looking forward to seeing how much I'll save on the other prescriptions. I also saved $60.00 on my wife’s new prescription. Normally at Walgreens it is $284.00 for 120 pills, but with AmeriPlan® it was reduced to $224.00. It’s GREAT! ”
Donna O. – Douglas, GA

“I saved $20.00 on my chiropractic visit, $82.00 on my glasses, 30% on my contacts, and $7.00 on some cough medicine. I cannot brag on AmeriPlan® enough. ”
Donna O. – Douglas, GA
“ I just wanted to thank you again for the Chiropractor referral. My husband and I have both started seeing Dr. Minshew-Shurr, and she is the most amazing doctor! She has been able to definitively find the cause of my back pain and headaches (that I have had for years!) and diagnose my husband as well. We are just thrilled with her treatment and kind attention to our personal cases.

I appreciate your help in connecting us with her. It has made such a difference and I am just amazed at the way God leads us in this life to find just what we need at just the right time. I just randomly picked up your number off of the flyer at my apartment and through you and Ameriplan® have found a great dentist and chiropractor. ”
Hillary S. – Dallas, TX